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The Be A Tree ProgramMe

The Be a Tree programme is a seminar programme designed for school age children. They learn how to read dog body language and act safely around dogs.  This is a fun and interactive program which was developed and tested by experts in dog behavior and early childhood learning.Interested in becoming a presenter. Click here to join Doggone safe and access the discounted Kit

 Keeping Future Generations Safe!

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Our flagship bite prevention program is called Be a Tree and it has been delivered to nearly 1 million children worldwide. This program provides you with the tools and support to actively and safely educate children in your community to "Speak Dog" . This is a fun and educational program that has educated thousands of children over the last few years. 

The new look Be A Tree program features a streamlined logo, a revamped website, and an updated teacher kit for presenters to ensure a consistent and accurate delivery. The program and kit have been developed and reviewed by canine behavior and training experts, and are tailored for classroom teachers and registered Be A Tree presenters to deliver via desktop computer, laptop, projector, or posters and interactive, educational sessions.

The program also features a host of clean, new, educational graphics depicting examples of typical canine body language -- such as fear, anger, anxiety, happiness and stress -- created by renowned canine artist, Lili Chin, and focuses on a range of fun, innovative activities for participating children, including learning to "speak dog," being a detective and searching for clues in a dog's behavior, and an interactive game featuring photos of dogs in a variety of emotional states that asks the question: "Would you pet this dog?" based on what the children have learned during the presentation.

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The Be a Tree PowerPoint presentation is divided into six fun, interactive sections. This enables you to work through all sections of the presentation or to personalize your presentation to your audience, location and time allocated.  

When you purchase the Be a Tree  Kit you receive at minimum, depending on which kit you purchase a copy of the presentation and presenter notes. 

The Presentation contains:

Section One Slides 1 -16: Learning to Be a Tree

1.     Learning to Be a Tree
2.     Understanding the Be a Tree tools
3.     Greeting an unfamiliar dog
4.     Videos of Be a Tree in action
a.     In the park
b.     In the city

Section Two Slides 17 – 24: Learning How to Greet a Dog

5.     Asking for permission
6.     How not to greet a dog
7.     Dogs do not like hugs and kisses

Section Three Slides 25 – 32: Learning to Speak Dog

8.     Recognizing a dog’s facial expressions across different emotions
9.     Fun game comparing facial expressions between a human and a dog  

Section Four Slides 34-43:, Being a Dog Detective – An interactive  Quiz

10.  Learning to search for body language clues across different scenarios

Section Five Slides 44 – 50:, Which Dog Would You Pet?

11.  Learning to identify which dog is safe to pet and which of the tools to use

Section Six Slides 57 – 61:, More on Communication

12.  Additional learning materials for older audiences

A short sample of the program

The Complete Be a Tree Presentation 

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