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I recently had a "conversation" with a client who was very much against using a clicker and a harness. They were not willing to let go of their prong choke chain collar. But they said they really wanted to train with me....so I said (this is my favorite part) As a member of the PPG I will not be able to work with you guys with that collar on. That would go against everything we stand for. They decided to dump the collar and train with treats and love. They have now after 1 month said numerous times that this dog is the best dog they have ever had...They say that he is the sweetest most loving Akita they have ever known and they have such a great relationship with him!

Traci Moriartey

This is the new professional organization that is going to set training standards!!

Angelica Steinker

This is the place to go when you are asked to recommend a trainer in a certain geographical area. It's the only organization I trust for that, because the bar is set so high here. I am honored to be a pet owner member of the PPG, and I find its activities deeply inspiring.

Ingrid Bock

PPG sets the standard for humane, effective dog- & human-friendly training & education. I'm extremely proud to be a member!

 Lauri Bowen-Vaccare

The PPG is the only place to find an educated, ethical Pet professional!

- Sadie Brunskill

Finally, an organization R+ trainers can be proud to be a part of and one who has no problem policing its ranks for high quality and consistency of the trainers it recommends. - Lisa Matthews

I feel extremely confident that the PPG promotes the best of the pet professionals and has amazing resources for enthusiasts and professionals alike. I have hope that this will become the front running organization in the animal world.

 April Lott

PPG rocks! providing valuable training info for trainers and dog owners.

-Candy Mugford

What I love the most is everything I hear, watch and read is ALL Force-Free.

 Mary Philips

I love the opportunity I have to grow as a trainer and support the promotion of force free training for all people who are interested in the most effective scientific methods of dog training. I also love the way that we are getting the message out effectively to other people who might not have that knowledge.

 Liz Burge

The PPG is a force free zone, all around. It's a great group composed of all force free professionals where you can come to find a professional, ask questions and receive assistance as well as participate in kind, respectful conversations. Everyone is willing to help each other. It's a community where when one succeeds, we all succeed.

 Kelly Fahey

Large library of resources at the tips of my fingertips and a group of fellow force free professionals that feels like a family!

 Kristin Yonkers

I just wanted to thank PPG for another webinar that hit it out of the park.  We are in a fairly isolated area and these webinars are wonderfully informative ways to get different perspectives and technique adjustments for a wide variety of subjects that would otherwise not be available. And by keeping them, for the most part, at approx an hour we have time to schedule the webinars into a busy day.  My dogs and cats thank you as do my clients and their dogs.  I am constantly learning and expanding my horizons.

Ronda Warywoda

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