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Pet Professional Guild Announces Virtual Summit to Celebrate Launch of New Pet Rescue Resource

TAMPA, Fla. - Feb. 17, 2020 - The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) has announced an educational Virtual Summit taking place on Thursday, April 2 - Friday, April 3, 2020 to mark the launch of its new program, the PPG Pet Rescue Resource – A Behavior and Welfare Toolkit.

The Pet Rescue Resource Behavior and Welfare Toolkit is a comprehensive educational product, designed by PPG's Shelter and Rescue Division, that features a broad range of programs and modules aimed at helping improve the prospects of pets in a shelter or rescue environment by increasing adoption and retention rates. It consists of articles, training plans and videos that cover a broad range of essential topics pertinent to the world of shelter and rescue (e.g. dogs that jump up and canine play groups), as well as individual modules that focus on topics of a smaller scope. Each resource fulfills a specific issue that has been identified by PPG's Shelter and Rescue Division as something that commonly occurs and needs to be addressed to aid in the management, behavior modification, training, and enrichment of animals in shelters and foster homes.Read the full news release here

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